Spell. Tōru Oikawa. Gravity. Kuroo is just SO HOT. and is a bright ball of sunshine. I love Noya for so many reasons, but since all the comments have really just talked about his cuteness and skill, I'm going to talk about something a lot of people don't really talk about:do you realize how much he puts himself down? Jan 9, 2021 - Explore 's board "HAIKYUU", followed by 364 people on Pinterest. I fell in love with this 18 year old third year on the first episode. Haikyuu!! "Even if we're not confident that we'll win, even if others tell us we don't stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that." With a good setter, he is able to spike the ball perfectly. I love it when he's always being shrimp and pipsqueak. Tendou's personality is just perfect, and the fact that he was able to befriend Ushijima is also amazing. He is an all-rounder, as he is good in Serving, Receiving, Setting, Blocking, and Spiking despite only being 2 inches taller than Hinata. I was like yesss HE is my favourite, tbh for no particular reason but he cheers me up so much, he's so dramatic! 1. Hinata is the most coolest characters that I ever seen. Over the years with various seasons, Haikyuu has captured the hearts of anime fans in [Haikyuu] Top 10 Best Players in Haikyuu!! Also, read about all the major upcoming animes in 2021, Yashahime and Attack on Titan Season 4. He’s also very good at defending and receiving being able to transition a receive into a run-up for a spike easily. he's too crazy and I really like how different his personality is from the rest. He just the most adorable thing I ever seen. ” The Dark Triad” Strongest Villains Of Black Clover Anime Series So Far, Eren’s Death, Will Eren Die in Attack on Titan – Ymir’s Curse, Cells At Work Season 2 Episode 3: Zombie Virus Attacks, The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 2 Episode 3: Who will Futaro Choose. While looking around I found this amazing quiz. Haikyuu!! Doesn't seriously play volleyball because of his past. So get ready for the list of Top 10 Strongest and the Most Skilled Haikyuu Characters in the Anime. ). Geniuses are built different. Kageyama overcame that with the help of Hinata and other Karasuno members. We both love video games. He is also one of the most realistic characters in Haikyuu. That explains why I'm exploring new places with my laptop. Not to mention he is a volleyball monster and the best player in Haikyuu. I can't take it when I look at him. Toru Oikawa is the Captain of Aoba Josai High and also the setter for their team. Yaku is honestly underrated in the anime. Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date and Latest Updates! (Haikyu!!)? This quiz will determine which character from Haikyuu likes you the most, if you were a character in the Haikyuu anime. He is such a cutie, does slot for his team. I can't even explain how nervous he would have been about doing that. … type to search. A flightless crow or the king of the court? He's also very small, which is a huge disadvantage considering the sport he plays, but he makes up for it with his skill and tenacity. Honestly he is a great character he does slot for the anime, and so does the rest of his team! Kenama is able to come up with a lot of interesting counters and plays to counter his opponents. Like most other shows, Haikyuu … He looks too young to be a coach for Karasuno. MiaPR4305. to be honest I judged her at first but she's one of the most relatable characters on the show. Keiji Akaashi. He adjusts himself to the Spiker’s requirements and makes them hit their best possible spike. When Hinata told Kageyama that he is not alone, or along the lines of that, his eyes opened. Wiki Content. This guy makes me laugh so much! In this post, we are going to be talking about the Strongest and the Most Skilled Haikyuu Characters in The Anime. series. I find him to be a very interesting character to ponder over, analyse and speculate about. We stan Flattykawa. and ofc, he's insanely talented haha. and when we find out that in the future he is married to KIYOKO?! Add to library 100 » Discussion 74 » Follow author » Share . And a bunch of other Haikyuu anime characters worth mentioning! He's such an adorable kitty! (Yamaguchi Defense Squad! This legend is a pro gamer, successful youtuber, and a board member of a big company and still has time to be the stupidly lovable introvert that me and all my friends fell in love with in seventh grade. But at the end of the day, Kageyama is still our sweet blueberry boy who loves milk. all good shonen like animes only have straight ships! Hinata Shouyou has a lot of character development in the story as he learns teamwork and volleyball. Meanwhile, you can also check out our lists on Top 10 Kawaii Anime Girls, or Top 10 Ecchi Harem Anime with OP Main Characters. — which literally means "volleyball" in Japanese — is an incredibly popular manga and anime series, spanning 45 volumes and three seasons. Good character. He's just like me. He will be featured in this Haikyuu character quiz. Nishinoya is known as the Guardian Deity of Karasuno. And help you relate on some level to any one of the quotes mentioned. Hope you guys like it. Main Characters of Haikyuu. Did you enjoy it? First Character Poll Tobio Kageyama (6,639 votes) Shōyō Hinata (6,058 votes) Yū Nishinoya (5,704 votes) Kōshi Sugawara (5,568 votes) Tōru Oikawa (5,050 votes) Tetsurō Kuroo (4,035 votes) Asahi Azumane (3,418 votes) Kei Tsukishima (3,407 votes) Ryūnosuke Tanaka (3,384 votes) Kenma Kozume … Even when other teams try to silence him, he is able to come out on top. People might say "its just a game he needs to chill" or , "game isn't a life" that's true but if you love the game like kageyamayoull do anything to improve. Akaashi is highly versatile when it comes to set for a wide range of attacks. I just love him too much! he is so sweet, he cares for Bokuto so much, he's very logical when playing and he really tries his hardest to bring out the best in his teammates. He keeps them from flying off the rails and panicking. He is the kind of person who “can give it, but can’t take it.” … If you’re placed at a party or similar social event, what do you find yourself doing? Can you name the 60 most favorited Haikyuu characters? idk why i thought these were funny but maybe someone else will too. Haikyuu Characters. Year: 2012 Year. Wiki. He kinds of reminds me of blueberry head and gives off that kind of vibe, but the only difference is he warmed up to his acquaintances within one game. I’m so glad that he has kept in touch with everyone and is still the sensitive cutie that everyone counts on. Bokuto is one of the most energetic and funniest people in Haikyuu! He is him for a reason, even though his team is 50 or 100 points ahead you still can't just assume your going to win or its basically over. He might be extremely athletic but that’s the only thing. I recently finished it. He hides his emotions and feels as if he is not good enough. Haikyuu!! BEST & Inspirational HAIKYUU Anime QUOTES 1. Oikawa is the ONLY person who can pull off being flat. spoiler: she ends up with tanaka. The only thing holding him back is his attacks were mostly simple with only brute force driving it. Ranking my top 30 characters from haikyuu. Like bruh. Oikawa is the ONLY person who can pull off being flat. Recently Changed Pages. I also love the way he doesn't care at all about other's opinions, and he's just there to play volleyball and have a good time. He has 2 serves and is crazy talented+hard working. <3. Also, do not forget to share it with your friends. also,,, the way i said tanaka like 3 times lmfao yes my best friend is actually tanaka ldkjnlsjdafn. A lefty menace, spiker, chosen to represent Japan. He's a gamer cat. His tosses are very accurate which makes it easier for Aran his team’s ace to hit very powerful spikes. Asahi is known to all his fans as jesus, Savior, Man bun, Holyboi, and anime jesus. I loved Keishin when I looked at his fanart and when I first heard of him. Haikyuu!! I mean what's wrong being short. Add a Row Above Add a Row Below Write. When he met Hinata Shouyou, that all changed. He is harsh and angry, which is so relatable. And let's not even talk about that scene when Seijou *spoiler* lost in the final battle against Karasuno in the second season and Iwaizumi says 'What kind of ace am I? ' He truly is the strongest and one of the most skilled characters in Haikyuu. Wakatoshi is no doubt the hardest hitting and the most powerful spiker even by Olympic standards in the show. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Games Movies TV Video. See more ideas about Haikyuu characters, Haikyuu, Haikyuu anime. He is an excellent player and only speaks the truth and encourages his team. I know a lot of fans will be disappointed due to the fact that Hinaya is at 8th in the list of the most skilled and strongest Haikyuu Players. Keiji Akaashi. S. Saeko Tanaka. He is also a very good candidate for one of the Most Skilled Haikyuu Characters due to his brains and observation alone. Inspired after watching a volleyball ace nicknamed "Little Giant" in action, small-statured Shouyou Hinata revives the volleyball club at his middle school. I’m where the action is! So don’t be sad if your favorite character is not at the top. He has this amazing personality that I just love the most. Add to library 101 » Discussion 74 » Follow author » Share . But I also feel he's an incredibly entertaining character to watch, in general, in the midst of the other entertaining and vibrant characters that make up Haikyuu's brilliant ensemble cast. He is a Prodigy who is born once in 100 years. Hinata has a goal that he aims to reach. in that one episode got me so good. January 10, 2021 Haikyuu – a sports anime about volleyball that attracts the audience. And I enjoy his flashback and seeing him becoming more serious in volleyball just make me like him a lot more. There are actually a lot of strong players in Haikyuu but we will be ranking players who are skilled in a lot of aspects like Spikes, Defense, and setting skills.

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