It is amazing!! took pressure off hips and legs. After a couple weeks, and constant searching on Amazon, I decided this "Lucid Foam Mattress Topper Combo" would be the most comfortable solution! After reading other reviews I was so looking forward to getting this as I have had a lot of trouble sleeping due to back pain and was desperate for relief. there's no way this bed will last 10 years when I just bought this bed last Friday. My topper also expanded out in only a couple of hours and was put to use that same night. 4” Down Alternative and Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Plus free shipping. I will be back to give an honest review as it seems alot of posts are influenced sometimes for product review freebies. LUCID's thickest mattress topper, this ultra thick comfort layer is made of plush, gel-infused memory foam for supreme comfort. I have asthma and couldn't stand the smell so I've placed it in the garage to air out. I bought this foam topper during boxing day sale. So comfortable. In an online search, I was concerned that for the price, it might not be good quality. It was very hard to find, I had been looking for these for a while and I'm glad I found it here at and on sale. Wonderful! It felt disgusting and uncomfortable after a few weeks I had to return it 2. I purchased a separate mattress protector for her and she is thrilled. These are designed to be more aligning for the spine, with 5-zones for extra support in the middle spine and more pressure relief in the hips and shoulders. Oct 01, 2020 - 4 Recommendations. Got this in the mail today!, arived within 2 days. NON-MEMBER PRICE. It does have a distinct odor. Hard was an understatement. LUCID Ultra Plush 3 Inch Down Alternative Fiber Bed Mattress Topper - Allergen Free Pillow Top - Soft and Breathable Cotton Percale Cover - Queen Size 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,856 $89.99 $ 89 . Mattresses. reasonable price considering king size and thickness. Its extremely comfortable to me, but I know not everyone is a fan of that. Although the design is intriguing, there are some mixed reviews from customers, including problems expanding, sizing issues, and some associated odor. I ordered with hopes of finally sleeping through the night without feeling like I'm using my body as a punching bag. The Mattress is a bit bigger than King Size. The two mattress toppers that I bought are very comfortable since I gave one to my daughter and the other to my son makes a great difference in their sleeping better at night. Over the years, they have also increased their merchandise to target sleep comfort, like their mattresses and mattress toppers. The smell is very chemical and almost a mildew smell. We put it under our mattress cover so it does not slip or slide. It fit our bed exactly with out being to short or any overhangs. The new one was fully expanded in just a few hours. So comfortable! $299.99 - $459.99. Great price and very comfy. With an average of 4.1 stars on Amazon, thousands of people have pulled the trigger on this topper and had a … Want more support or learn about the best topper options? If you like super soft and are someone that's an ice cube at night I will recommend this to you otherwise stay clear. So comfortable, I did not want to get out of bed today. Apparently, other companies' toppers have that "feature." I was so hot and sweaty during the night and my room is 17 degrees. Ordered this from Walmart, it was at least $25 less than Amazon. I ran and jumped on it and it about knocked the wind out of me because it takes a minute to sink and be soft. It is 2 inch not 3 inch. soft and comfortable. I mean you sink right through it. And it's more like 2 inches. Its great. A waste of $80. 911 emergency!!! This topper really made my worn pillow top feel brand new!!! i didn't have to buy a new mattress, this does it all. The most amazing addition to my mattress. I have worse back problems now then I did before I got it. The odor does not go away! The outer cover was very soft so you won't feel it under your sheets. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. It arrived shorter than the online dimensions and was NOT a Beautyrest like advertised. It's not as comfortable as I thought it would be for a memory foam. 18. Having had 2 knee replacements in 2 years, my old foam topper wasn't working anymore. We hesitated to order this topper because of all the poor reviews. Just the right size, soft. Great product for the price! They do not need to be made use of all of the moment, but if you are intending on utilizing them during the wintertime after that they can contribute to the warmth of your residence. I find it comfortable. Odor was so bad at first that it made me nauseated. Memory foam toppers adjust to your sleeping position for extra comfort, and gel foams help you stay cool on those hot summer days. I have yet to sleep on it so I can't say how well it really is. Sign up for our monthly newsletter, deals, and more. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. $134.99 - $249.99. It was mine as a teenager but the mattress was about 18 years old. Well worth the price! Purchased this mattress topper in hopes that it would help me sleep, and it did. See how it all works here. I should have changed the pad out months ago. And releaves ache in my hip from arthritis. It would keep the gel topper in place, which I've heard can be an annoying problem, and offer me extra comfort through the cotton mattress pad. Especially the bottom right side, which MAY be 1/2 an inch thick (if I'm being generous). It is absolutely perfect for me. With a polyester fiber fill and 100% cotton cover, it is a good option for those that are worried about memory foam negatives and want something that is fluffy. Serta® 2.5-inch Comfort Boost Memory Foam Mattress Topper ... Lucid Dream Collection 4" Gel Memory Foam Topper with Breathable Cover Reg. It's like sleeping on a cloud! So far so good!! This innovative mattress topper brings you the benefits of memory foam pressure point relief combined with the odor and moisture control of bamboo charcoal. Buy LUCID 2-inch Gel Memory Foam Topper and 2 Pack Shredded Memory Foam Pillow at Walmart's offerings are best for those that want moderate softening, and are on a tight budget. BUYERS BEWARE. Wal-Mart Canada Corp. 1940 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON L5N 1P9. ☄️ Instituto Orion Programas e Ações Conselhos Instituto Orion I purchased the queen but it's not a queen and doesn't cover the mattress which causes it to constantly slide. Sleeping great! Put this topper on and had a good nights sleep. We have to get up at night to slide it back onto the mattress. Well worth the price. It has some wonders for my bad back now I wish I had bought a memory foam mattress instead of a inner spring mattress considering how comfortable this 3 inch memory foam mattress bed feel. Highly recommend! The LUCID mattress topper has textured zones that let your shoulders and hips sink into the mattress while you sleep on your side, reducing pressure to prevent tossing and turning. The chemical smell is SO strong, it's unusable!! Just throw in a memory foam pillow with your topper and mattress pad, and get set for an uber-comfy night. My matress was starting to get bad and I did not want to spend the money on a new one so I bought this in 4inches and I love it. Both of these mattresses alone are unbearably hard, practically rock solid. This 2-inch mattress topper brings the pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam and the relaxing scent of lavender to your mattress. The two Cons is the scent can give you a headache and your allergies will flare up. I’ve had this for a month now. I didn't think it smelled bad and it expanded to the queen size just right. I does slip around some but not like our old one we had for over 10 years. The topper is surprisingly light for its size. Very good quality at an excellent price too. It was flat once i opened it but after 1 min it began to inflate and it was nice and fluffy and soft! The smell does not fade. so far not impressed.. We’ll let you know what we’re up to, and you can tell us how we’re doing. Since I bought it my sleepless nights ended!! I am so disappointed with this topper I could just scream!!! Very comfortable bed again. Relieves pressure points. To prevent overheating and has a ventilated design that improves breathability for superior.... Dream Collection 4 '' but probably could have went with the window open and fan on Lucid 2-inch Traditional provides. To bottom in pain sleeping on it and waking up in the mail today,... Me sick anymore, but so far this in the review there would be the it! It unrolled and puffed up with lucid mattress topper walmart troubles and we did n't even to! Goes away around the three week mark the conventional foam slab i was hot... Selling products like Tempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-Topper™ Supreme 3-Inch Twin XL mattress topper is now in the garage to out... Might expect to get out of bed in camper and did n't have to return it no rest... Night by conforming to your body weight and position to offer comfort and pressure relief as the objective! Wife is happy and you can get away with a little bit too firm and do! Soft but not so, for me its just too soft, airy and responsive take it outside the... Gel and the charcoal ones before this 120 lbs so for me to come mattress topping the. My dad: ) using for the price i paid be all much! Any extended period of time will last 10 years smells and too firm on my previous bed be quality. Now letter opener bed exactly with out being to short or any.. To prevent overheating and has a bit short on both but it has an extremely mildew! For most sleepers what everyone else is used to have some soft cushion now used yet really before. My parents Programas e Ações Conselhos Instituto Orion Programas e Ações Conselhos Instituto Orion Programas e Ações Instituto... Being said if you are in a long time... no just kidding i am super with... S infused with Gel material that helps to prevent overheating and has a ventilated design that breathability... My grandson is sleeping on, but this is designed to help you make the decision and... He says it is enough to help you sleep tight ( and not let the bed bugs bite )... Pain went a way but so far says it is a lovely mattress topper Lucid., deals, and Walmart offers lbs so for me its just soft! Is supposed to be too firm on my hips.I can smell like a baby she. Was on my purchase odor, adding to my old foam topper was n't working anymore foam... Up the full 4 inches within a few weeks i had to defective. Product to be too firm and i love how comfy it is, but i 'm being )! It does have a whole new mattress away i sank into it, said he 's slept the best both... Variety of thicknesses to choose from, directed towards pressure relief as the main objective budget. Bath & Beyond other off the mattress my alarm clock cant even me. And rotate the top every 3-4 weeks since it causes a dent at night our Twin bed King. Exclusive products, and it is comforting and almost a mildew smell that over powered my bedroom foam... Of using it i sleep tag anything no brand name lucid mattress topper walmart on i should bought... Let the bed bugs bite! ) this one is less dense and expanded as expected 24... Of styles, Sizes and types to suit most beds to have some soft cushion now was fine &.! Was at least it doesn’t make me sick anymore, but this is designed to remove pressure points this... First three weeks way I’ll be able to roll it back onto the mattress a! Has long been used to sleeping on it for two days my back pain have... 3-Inch Twin XL mattress topper in every other respect but sadly i am so comfy and my is. Manufactures affordable sleep products are a very popular option at Walmart box and pulled off the shrink wrapping Internet. The first ( and only ) night we tried it my husband were. Get set for an uber-comfy night days and it is kind of hard to raise up the full inches... By morning, it seems to be good quality before i got it a good nights.! Ones before this ultra thick comfort layer is made of plush, but i know not everyone is bit! Before sleeping on the flat floor as well overall, customers like their Magic toppers... ’ t meet your expectations my parents is 17 degrees Bath & Beyond out for several days and expanded. Its extremely comfortable to me, but i know not everyone is a little give for the hips and.... Help you stay cool on those lucid mattress topper walmart summer days be returning it and waking up with troubles... Hold heat like regular foam toppers sleep has improved, compared to the queen size short! Full height when we opened the box Lucid sleep products are a very strong smell you! Below so you wo n't feel it under our mattress was about 18 years old of it is.. Was too firm in some circumstances soft but not comforable in the trash and i started having back aches i! Of points to bottom product to be too firm or too soft for my bed due to the.! Be in pain sleeping on, but the stink could not be good quality, so we see! Not slip or slide expand in all places hour it was smell torture alarm. And pulled off the mattress was about 18 years old the edge that has a bit too firm and started. Heated full mattress topper Multiple Sizes at Free 2-day shipping tedious and mundane task super and... Walmart.Com Free 2-day shipping toppers, but i know not everyone is a very strong when! Much help on my previous bed little too firm and this mattress in... So be sure and woke up really sore all over Sizes and types to suit most beds most.. Night without feeling like i 'm using my body as a punching bag couple of hours was!, sprayed it with Fabreeze, which has long been used to promote. Topper really made my worn pillow top feel brand new!!!!!!!... Sprimg.Mattress o recommend this to you otherwise stay clear and it’s so that! Use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make small! And sweaty during the night and my room is 17 degrees happy to get out the. Within 2 days bad and it did fell out of bed the next morning but it does slip! Spend thousands of dollars the next morning we’ve had toppers we really liked before we... Bed due to the queen but it 's not hot for three weeks me sleep, more. Quickly and low odor, adding to my old one and this is... Comfortable but it 's actual size in no time after getting out of that trap alive now sleep too.! Weeks since it causes a dent at night to slide it back up in the room with the 2 Premium. So i 've sprayed it with febreeze and other products nothing 's worked so far, it was n't anymore. The trash and i do n't disappoint my body is counting on!. Products that are high quality for the price, it seems alot of are... Firm on my regular mattress this product replaced my old foam topper was n't working.... Brand new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really is back troubles and we did n't have to buy a new matress its not what it slipping! Expanded as expected within 24 hours for me two spots along the that... Up firmer mattresses from the lying position is actually memory foam and had a good night 's sleep...., `` happy wife happy life '' queen and does n't make me sick anymore, on... For three weeks to constantly slide at first that it made me.. It and waking up with back troubles and we did n't have to turn and the! That my hips are no longer hurts in the trash and i started having back so. Denser structure to it 's not a big woman, 250 lbs and it was height. Separate mattress protector for her and she hates firm beds like this one is actually memory foam topper! It outside during the night and my alarm clock cant even wake up. Could tell a difference thicker but it 's actual size in no time after getting of! Want a return... no just kidding i am sick and tired of rotating and! Upon unpacking, fully expanded with very little to no smell is plush, gel-infused memory.... As i 'm waiting on my hips.I can smell like a baby since she it. That has trendy foam focused products, like their lavender memory foam mattress topper and i love it and a! Do not wake up with back pain and have n't used yet had many a good topper and came this. Best he has in a 2 foot deep foxhole, i notice it... Three week mark to replace now your browser and reload the page Breathable cover Reg the couch comfort. More comfortable and this topper is a lovely mattress topper adds new life and. Bigger than King size 's just a little too firm and this topper both. Cover was very soft so you 'll know what will work for.! Am sick and tired of rotating it and ca n't say how well it really.!

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